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The network of the patrons of a brick-and-mortar company helps popularize the organization and its products and services. This ultimately results in increased sales and profit. The same principle applies to online businesses that do business through the Internet, where network building is reresented by Link Building.

There are probably more web pages on the Internet now than there are human beings on this planet. Banner Ad Campaigns and Email Campaigns exposes businesses directly to potential clients who can be targeted in several ways. But for a network to be established on the internet, your website has to be visible to surfers through major search engines, web directories and websites that are in some way related to your business. People will only visit your site if you are visible on the Internet, and visibility can lead you toward a successful online business.

MachInteractive (Online Marketing Division of MachroTech) offers you Link Building services for your site and is committed to:

  • Add a new resource to your website.
  • Help you substantiallly increase traffic to your website.
  • Help you improve the visibility of your website in search engines and business directories by enhancing your link popularity network.

Within the Link Building process is contained the process of enhancing Link Popularity, which is basically a measure of the number of inbound links to your website. While promoting a site, the primary concern should be Link Building. Link building involves the exchange of a site's links with other sites doing business in related areas, for a mutually beneficial relationship. However, the sites with which a business exchanges links must be evaluated very carefully, since the goal is to attract visitors to the other site to click through to its site. It is hence essential that links only be exchanged with sites whose content is similar so that a visitor to any of those sites has a good chance of being interested in the products or services offered by the site that is being delevoped.

Though not every site may require Link building, it is essential for most in order to succeed. There are no shortcuts to the process of building quality links, since they are the outcome of quality content. An obvious area of application of Link Building is the B2B E-commerce industry, where the players stand to gain through Link Building partnerships with their resellers, partners, subcontractors and vendors.

How Does MachInteractive Help You?

  • We research the web links database on the Internet, which consists of hundreds of thousands of websites in various verticals. We scrutinize the available options and produce a list of websites that complement your online business. The list will contain a specific number of websites agreed upon by both parties while starting the campaign.
  • We submit your website to these complementary websites for listingon them.
  • For the websites supporting only reciprocal link programs, we create a links page on your site if desired.
  • We adhere to carefully crafted customized personal email requests wherein we formally request the site owners for a link to your site and offer them a link-back on your site.
  • We provide a detailed report on the submissions and acceptances made on behalf of our clients

For detailed information on Link Building and our other Online Marketing Solutions for your website, please feel free to Contact Us.





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