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It might appear that we are contradicting our own statement that search engine optimization is more important than directory listings. So is this really the case?

The answer is "Yes and No."

With a large number of online searches starting at Yahoo! & Google, a proper listing on these search engines can help online businesses boost traffic to their site, ultimately resulting in a positive reflection on their bottom lines. Targeted sponsored links are one of the ways to achieve a higher position on the directory listings of these sites, assuming they are financially viable for the specific business.

You may find your customers coming from directory referrals as opposed to search engine links if you operate in very niche markets. Hence, it is necessary for your site to get listed in the major directories that relate to your business. Pay-per-click search engines can be beneficial to your business in this regard, assuming they are a feasible option keeping in mind your marketing budget.

Search Engines rank the websites on the basis of numerous factors. And these directories play an integral role in enhancing search engine listings. Premium listings within these search directories enhance the probabilities of multiple search engine listings, as many search engines pull search listings from the above directories. Directories have established Business Express Guarantees as part of their services created to serve small business needs. This program ensures that your site will be viewed and evaluated in a timely manner. Your payment and participation guarantees that within seven days your site will be reviewed and considered for inclusion within the directories.


We will research proper placement, develop optimal title and description consistent with website content. Before setup and submission, your site will be reviewed to ensure your site meets directory listing criterias.

We will manually submit your site to the following major directories:

  • Open directory (
  • Google
  • Look Smart
  • Yahoo (On Your Proposal)

Business Express Guarantees

  1. All Business Express submissions will be evaluated within seven business days.
  2. You will receive a confirmation response within seven business days, stating whether your submission is accepted or declined. (If your submission is denied, you will be given specific reasons…edits and appeals are accepted)

Please keep in mind that payment does not automatically guarantee inclusion in the directory, site placement, or site commentary. As with all sites suggested to directories, the final judgment remains solely with the editors.

In related cases, as part of our online marketing service, we will review your site to identify problems that may result in rejection or misplaced listings.






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