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ONLINE MARKETING >> Targeted Search Engines Placement

Targeted Search engines allow advertisers to purchase high positions in the search results at a specified cost per click. You need to target engines that have the broadest reach as well as the ones that can drive traffic for pennies a click in order to effectively leverage your search engine optimization resources. Placement within the and search engines are presently one of the most cost effective solutions to reach your targeted audience. You select the search terms that are relevant to your site, determine what position you would like to be placed and what you would like to pay on a per-click basis for each. The higher you 'bid', the higher in the search results your site appears. It's targeted cost-per-click advertising, and you set the cost per click. This is another efficient and economical method to rank high on search engines apart from the search engine directory submissions.

Some of the benefits of PPC search engines as against those of targeted sponsored links:are:

  • Traffic : Gain unparalleled exposure!
    There are over 250 million searches made every month through an extensive partner network, which includes America Online, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, AltaVista, Earthlink, CNET, Netscape and many others. Positioning your site within the top 3 positions in gives you top positioning in the above listed engines as well. The program offers unparalleled advantages.
  • Targeting
    Fine-tune your site descriptions and titles and reach only targeted audiences. You are only charged per click when a visitor clicks on your link. If the surfer is not interested in what is represented in your description, they will not click through to your site. if they like what they see, they will click on it. This is the principle behind targeting customers.
  • Cost effective
    You only pay when targeted customers click through to your site.


  • We will analyze and develop an optimal list of targeted search terms for your website. Additionally, we will develop site titles and descriptions for each term, as well as, efficiently control the acquisition cost of visitors.
  • We will run a keyword/phrase analysis, implement and monitor the program to ensure optimal cost efficiency of your investments.
  • We offer you a setup of up to 50 keywords into the pay-per-click program

We also offer web promotion services in the form of

  1. Banner ad campaigns
  2. Email campaigns
  3. Link building services




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