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In the current competitive environment companies need integrated E-business systems to anticipate and react to customerís requirements, collaborate with suppliers and partners and identify and exploit new opportunities quickly and effectively.

MachroTech's Application Integration services feature integration solutions that provide faster time-to-market and a massive ROI advantage for E-business Infrastructure leaving you to focus on strategic issues. Our industry knowledge, and pool of technically trained staff help us to offer reliable Application Integration services consistently. We deliver cost effective solutions without compromise in quality and on time.

By Integrating Your Systems, MachroTech helps You:

  • Improve your ROI
  • Decrease overhead costs
  • Shorten transaction time
  • Enhance your customer satisfaction
  • Increase inventory turnover

Scope of E-business Application Integration

Integrate with your suppliers

Internal applications (accounting software like Quick Books, ERP systems, CRM applications)

Online Payment gateways like, Verisign Payflow, Payfuse, LinkPoint, Paypal, Protx, and many more

Shipping Carrier - Integration with UPS Online Tools, UPS WorldShip, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, USPS

MachroTech has completed numerous integration projects such as the impressive CostumeZone system, and has the expertise to interconnect your various applications in ways you never thought possible:

Step 1: Placing an order on your website
∑ Customer's address and credit card number are matched in real time and a score is assigned to the transaction
∑ Shipping cost is determined in real time and added to the total of the transaction
∑ The system automatically places an order with your supplier

Step 2: Placing the order with your supplier
∑ You confirm the purchase order over the phone's web browser
∑ Your system directly interacts with the suppliers via XML
∑ In case, an order can be accepted only by fax, the vendor is automatically sent a fax requesting more stock

Step 3: Shipping the order
∑ The warehouse closest to the customers receives a notification about the new order∑ The tracking number is recorded and printed on the shipping label
∑ The customer immediately receives an email confirming the shipment with a link that allows him/her to track the package

Step 4: Tracking the package
∑ The package can be tracked by your software
∑ The order is automatically marked as complete upon delivery
∑ Your accounting software receives the transaction details along with the actual shipping cost, and automatically balances the account of the customer

These capabilities are no longer optional for businesses; they have become indispensable Business Realities.
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  •       E-mail us to find out how your business may benefit from having all your systems talk to each other!




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