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ONLINE MARKETING >> Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns involve sending bulk marketing emails to a target audience. Running a successful email campaign goes farther than merely sending mails. It is a systematic process to be followed in order to achieve the desired ROI. Email Campaigns are quite different from banner ad campaigns and link building practices.

MachroTech, in addition to its online marketing solutions, provides bulk E-mailing solutions that enable businesses to send bulk email to their target audience in order to achieve various marketing objectives such as announcement of a product release, publishing an email newsletter, targeting new audience to attract them use their products and services, or informing an existing client base about the latest news and developments.

Email marketing can be one of the most valuable and well-organized ways to influence purchases and keep customers informed and happy. It is also extremely inexpensive. When accomplished effectively, and with sensitivity of customer inclination, email has a striking impact on purchasing actions, online and offline. Below are some of the facts and figures related to email marketing campaigns obtained through a DoubleClick sponsored study.

The study of DoubleClick for the year 2002 shows, that as a result of receiving permission-based email

  • 68% of consumers have purchased online
  • 59% have purchased in retail stores
  • 39% have purchased through catalogs
  • 34% through call centers
  • 20% through postal mail

According to the study, 78% of online shoppers have made a purchase after clicking on an email. Of this year's online shoppers, one-third (33%) have clicked through an email and purchased immediately, while another third (35%) have clicked through and purchased later online, and another 9% have clicked through and purchased later offline.

  • 66% of online shoppers plan to use email to purchase during the holiday season
  • 48% plan to use email to assist in purchasing for birthdays.
  • 86% of online shoppers have purchased from the same merchant more than once
  • (46%) have used a coupon or code when shopping online during the past year.

The major factors contributing to the conversion of the reader of an email into a customer are: the content of your email, the subject line of the email, and the address from which the email is sent. The study by Double click found that the 'From' line is the most important factor motivating consumers to open emails (60%), whereas 35% cited the 'Subject' line. Within the subject line, discounts and news are what appeals most to consumers. While a discount was the most compelling motivational factor for making an immediate purchase after clicking on an email (70%), merchant recognition was significant (60%) underscoring the impact of branding on consumer sales.

The study also shows that customization of email can be a further driver of a consumer's decision to make a purchase.

  • 62% of consumers 'always' or 'sometimes' request customized content in their permission-based email
  • 91% prefer content based on interests that they have specified.
  • Of those customers that request customization, a third (35%) are more likely to make a purchase as a result.

Email was cited as consumer's preferred method of communication from merchants (75%), followed by postal mail (20%), with 0% preferring telemarketing. Email is also replacing the telephone for customer service. Seventy-eight percent of consumers have communicated by email with customer service representatives during the past year. Of these, 57% prefer communicating with customer service by email, versus 38% that prefer customer service communication via the phone.

We take into consideration your business-critical initiatives to help you design and market your email campaign in order to fetch the best ROI. We offer you practised and proficient management of email campaigns with the help of some of the proprietary tools to attract your targeted audience to act immediately.

We help you:

  1. Catch the targeted audience’s Attention
  2. Generate Interest with the help of relevant and at times desired information
  3. Arouse Desire by solving their problems or attending their respective needs
  4. In making it easy for your targeted audience to take Action
  5. Make certain that the Action provides Satisfaction.

For any further information on email campaigns, please feel free to Contact Us.





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