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Banner Ad Campaigns are part of a business's general online marketing strategy which also include email campaigns and link building exercises.

An Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report showed that consumers' immediate brand recognition was increased by exposure to banner ads by a factor of 2 to 7 percent. And this exposure combines all varieties of banner ads being used by various players- big and small -over the Internet as a part of their online marketing solutions. Hence, it would be unrealistic to expect a single banner ad placed on various sites on the Internet to accomplish much in the way of enhancing brand recognition. The impact of a single banner is dramatically reduced when it is intended to appeal to everyone. Instead, segmenting banner ads in accordance with target audiences can help you concentrate on the various features and strengths of the products and services even if they are singular in number. By practicing segmentation, you will come up with different kids of banner ads which can be slightly modified and rotated among your various resources to advertise your products or services.

Listed below are various Online Marketing methodologies:

  • Ad Networks
    An ad network is a network where all the work of promoting ads, administering ads, and collecting money from clients is performed in one place. In general, all that needs to be done is to insert the ad network’s code into your pages, and wait to collect a check. Characteristically, a network may have hundreds of member sites, and when a client procures an ad, it generally runs on all of them. As a site owner, you have no direct contact with ad buyers at all. The network runs whatever ads they choose, and pay you whatever they can get away with.

  • Banner Exchanges
    A banner exchange doesn’t pay in cash; instead, you earn credit towards having your banner displayed on other member sites. Usually, it's around a 50/50 split. In case of small sites, a banner exchange is a superior deal than an ad network. Banner exchanges are demonstrated to build traffic, and they also give you a chance to learn how to create good banners and scrutinize the results. Especially if your site is just getting started, increased site traffic is far more valuable to you than an insignificant seep of cash.

  • Affiliate Programs
    An affiliate program is an advertising program, which pays you a percentage of goods sold, rather than a fixed rate for ads. The two types of Affiliate Programs are:

  • 1. Inbound Affiliate Program

    You place a link on your site containing a graphic or a text link speaking of your affiliates site. The link contains special code that allows the system at your affiliate’s site to know which visitors came from your site. If a visitor who came from your site buys a product or orders a service on the affiliate's site, you get a portion of the sales amout. There are certain issues to be addressed in affiliate programs. Most importantly, the affiliates' site contents should be related to your website content or your business in one way or another. If they aren’t, linking with them makes no sense. Secondly, in order for you to receive credit, you need to keeping tracking the orders, and to be aware of how the affiliate’s link keeps track of clicks.

    2. Outbound Affiliate Program

    The Outbound Affiliate Program is different from the Inbound Program in that you run your own affiliate program, as opposed to being a part of someone else's. The benefit here is that you have full control of your program, starting from creating the program and managing partners, keeping real time reports regarding critical information leading you to track your financials in terms of investment and returns. Generally, affiliates who wish to generate income from traffic, promote various players of business through banners. Hence, businesses that complement your business model, will be interested to put up your banner ads on their website to earn from the traffic that they divert to your site through your banner. You have the option of providing different banners for each related segment of business websites. You pay to the affiliate on agreeable basis, like commission on lead generation or sales, etc. There are various market places on the web that allow you to run your affiliate program on a pay-per-performance basis.


We service our clients with consulting and development of Banner Ad Campaigns. Our services include the following offerings:

  • We look out for relevant ad networks, sites providing banner exchanges and affiliate programs on your behalf.
  • We then formally approach them through a customized personal email for your banner to be listed on their site and ask for their banner to be listed on yours (wherever required).
  • We can help you to track your advertisements.
  • Apart from the above options, you also have the option of applying for Paid Banner Ads in various sites that charge for listing your banner on top of their sites or at major locations on their web pages. On proposal we can help you place your banner ads on these paid services also.
  • We can run your individual outbound affiliate program as per your requirements.

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