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The MachroTech Meeting and Event Manager is a powerful yet easy-to-use browser- based software that provides all the tools necessary to organize meetings and events. It provides everything in one package.

NO MORE switching between spreadsheets, word processors and accounting packages!

Manage all of your events in one place-MachroTech Meeting and Event Manager lets you centrally manage all of your events without the help of your IT or Web teams. Publish events immediately to a fully branded registration site. You can create sessions and schedules, send invitations, qualify attendees through flexible questionnaires and evaluations, deliver personalized email communications, and run comprehensive reports. And if you need e-commerce capabilities, They are also available.

MachroTech's Meeting and Event manager can save you time and money by providing the following advantages:

Minimum Learning Curve
If you can use Windows, you can use MachroTech Meeting and Event Manager:
-Be up and running in no time - many functions work the same way as all
Microsoft products
- Export report data to a variety of applications

Quick & Easy Setup
The use of reference files reduces data entry time:
- Enter all your catering events, sessions, registration types and add-ons
(i.e. tours, caps, books… optional extras)
- Import the structure from a previous, similar event - why enter the same information
- Import name and address details from a variety of sources to reduce data entry time
- Enter information only once and have it used all throughout the system - reduce
transcription errors
- Set all user-defined fields to reflect your event using your terminology

Be In Control
Plan your event and have all pieces of vital information at your fingertips:
- Create a task list detailing each task, responsible party, start date and end date
& monitor outstanding tasks
- Produce a comprehensive daily report from data already entered
- Monitor all people connected with the event quickly and easily - know who's coming,
who's declined and each person's registration requirements in an instant
- Obtain accurate figures for catering and registration numbers
- Select everyone on your database or zoom in on a small group and produce reports,
listings, address labels, name badges and mail merge letters

Communicate Effectively

Always have accurate and immediate information:
- Receive internet registrations using secure e-commerce - have the system reply
- Produce delegate and presenter confirmation letters, invoices and receipts - tailored
to your event
- E-mail your correspondence - to a single person or to the whole database for the cost of a local call

Secure Your Financial Position
Have the system monitor your current financial status:
- Produce credit card summaries
- Validate credit card numbers upon entry in real-time, reducing data entry errors
- Produce outstanding payments lists, making it very easy to track who still owes money

Produce Name Badges and Tickets
Design and produce your own name badges and tickets so they meet your exact requirements:
- Design name badges and tickets for each group of people, for example, one for delegates, presenters, VIPs and organizers - there's no limit to the number of designs
- Select the stationery that best suits your needs

Create an Event Program

Build your event program on your screen:
- Coordinate abstracts, reviews, papers and equipment requirements for presenters
- Allocate presenters, chairpersons and session monitors to sessions - produce individual schedules

EMmach can be used along with:

- Microsoft Word
- for mail merges
- Microsoft Excel - to export and import data
- Microsoft Access - to customize the software
- WinFax Pro - for individual and broadcast faxes
- MAPI compliant messaging systems such as Microsoft Outlook - for individual and broadcast e-mails
- MachroTech Membership Manager

Update your Master database automatically from your Event File (for associations)
- MachroTech Contact Manager
Update your Master database automatically from your Event File (for corporations)

Minimum Recommended:
- Pentium III or higher
- Microsoft Windows 98 +
- 100MB hard disk space (200MB recommended)
- 64MB RAM or higher (128MB RAM recommended)
- SVGA 800 by 600 or higher resolution monitor
- Internet Explorer 5.0 or above

- Personalization and customization for your look and feel.
- One-day training and 30 day telephone & email support,
which begins when you place your first support call, not
when you subscribe to the service!




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