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Ecommerce Software Solutions - Product Overview

We have transformed your needs into cost-effective turnkey software realities!

GoECart is the leader in delivering on demand Multi-Channel ECommerce Solutions. GoECart's easy to use and highly customizable Storefront and Order Management System (OMS) coupled with world-class support is sure to work for online success! GoECart Ecommerce Platform is just right, whether for a successful online business or an emerging brand. Hundreds of organizations rely on GoECart every day to Sell more™ merchandise online and compete more effectively. GoECart's Thriving Partner Ecosystem™ provides the ultimate network of best-in-class ecommerce solutions providers to deliver a rich, immersive experience expected by today's savvy web shoppers

MachInteractive is an Internet Marketer that delivers search engine marketing strategies and tactics producing outstanding ROI results. MachInteractive™ helps businesses effectively market their websites. Product offerings include: organic search optimization involving Meta tags, directory placement to sites like Yahoo!, and online keyword ad buying using Pay-For-Click vendors such as Google, Overture and FindWhat.

MachMerchant is a powerful back office Inventory and Supply Chain Management Solution targeted towards the retail, distribution, wholesale, import and export industries. MachMerchant empowers you with tools to manage your entire business process from a central, integrated interface and eliminates the need to try and patch together all your present systems. MachMerchant standard version is optimized for small to mid-sized companies and synchronizes with QuickBooks Pro 2002 and 2003.

MachResponse is a high performance web-based email response management system that enables your company to route, track, and respond to high volumes of customer emails and web form submissions. Our flexible pricing structure allows businesses of all sizes to have access to MachResponse, an enterprise class solution. Click here to see MachResponse Product Overview (PDF).

MachROI MachROI is a Website Analytics and ROI tracking solution for all online marketing campaigns. MachROI offers comprehensive reporting that breaks down each conversion to the campaign origin. Whether it's a specific term in a Pay-per-click engine, a banner ad campaign or email communications program, you can now track the effectiveness of your marketing dollars to a dime!

MachPATROL MachPATROL does bid management and optimization for all the top Pay-Per-Click Search Engine accounts (e.g. Overture, Findwhat, Kanoodle, Enhance) for clients in varied industries.MachROI coupled with MachPATROL allows website owners to determine what is working, then manage Pay-per-click traffic accordingly.


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