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Macrotech is a leading Offshore Software Development and E-Commerce Consulting Company

Our offshore it outsourcing services include developing custom applications; ecommerce solutions which includes website design and development, content management, backward integration, web analytics & software programming; application integration; SCM; CRM; BPO services which includes Data Processing, Payroll, Accounting & HR; Inbound and Outbound Call Centers; Quality Assurance & Testing; Tech Support; Online Marketing and Research.

Combining proven expertise in emerging technologies, and a strong understanding of new-economy business arenas, Macrotech delivers end-to-end solutions that ensure powerful results. Offshore Outsourcing resources from India and seemless communication channel out of US, help Macrotech deliver projects in a short time, with more efficiency and at low cost.

MacroTech provides offshore outsourcing services in the following categories through its Global Delivery Model:

  1. ECommerce Solutions Development
    MacroTech offers unmatched products and services in the ECommerce domain. Turnkey, Innovative, Cost-effective and time saving are some of the common features of all ECommerce Solutions offered by MacroTech. ECommerce Solutions from MacroTech help you succeed in the emerging virtual global marketplace.

    MacroTech - offshore outsourcing services on ECommerce Solutions Development.

  2. Custom Applications Development
    MacroTech specializes in Custom Applications Development utilizing its resources of software development in India. MacroTech focuses on its clients' business objectives and accordingly integrates them with its technology expertise to achieve the goals in a desirable way.

    MacroTech - offshore outsourcing services on Custom Applications Development.

  3. Application Integration
    MacroTech offers exposure to multifaceted expertise and extensive industry experience for providing Application Integration services. MacroTech's Offshore software development expertise combined with its business agility, help you to associate the variance between front-end applications and databases along with systems. MacroTech approaches to your needs in terms of definition, technology evaluation, consultation, integration infrastructure requirements, resource & skills planning, and application integration management.

    MacroTech - offshore outsourcing services on Application Integration.

  4. Supply Chain Management
    Supply Chain Management Solutions and Services from MacroTech help you enhance your business by anticipating the future needs and offering innovative solutions that will keep you ahead of your business competition. MacroTech combines the power of our supply chain management experts with the best of today's technologies to serve you with measurable results.

    MacroTech - offshore outsourcing services on Supply Chain Management.

  5. Customer Relationship Management
    At MacroTech, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an integrated business approach where customers can expect more convenience and more value. MacroTech focuses on customers'objectives and effectively utilizes its technical expertise to deliver a customized, high-value and consistent experience to each customer, every time. MacroTech offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions over multiple channels.

    MacroTech - offshore outsourcing services on Customer Relationship Management.

  6. Online Marketing
    MacroTech's approach to online marketing is not limited to basic optimization and submissions. MacroTech offers a strategic perspective on marketing businesses online in order to generate more leads and sales. Online Marketing methodology of MacroTech is consistent and yet flexible enough to be customized as per unique requirements of each client. MacroTech offers Online Marketing and Web Promotion services in the following areas:


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