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"Together with MachroTech we developed our flagship ASP product, - a total property management solution for real estate managers, owners and investors, with integrated accounting and robust reporting.
MachroTech and .NET - a truly winning combination."

- Todd Collins, LLC


With the evolution of World Wide Web and spread of ecommerce, web services have become a rapidly expanding technology in the computing industry. Using Web services, Businesses can provide various services from their web servers, ranging from applications as complex as Supply Chain Management to as simple as obtaining a stock quote. Built on a foundation of latest technologies, such as XML, Web Services are quickly becoming the "next big thing" of the computing world.

XMLweb services are becoming the next big thing because it can work with Internet to provide your business with information, which normally would take lot of your time and efforts. With the growing acceptance of protocols among major players of computing world, XML web services along with .NET can become The technology of tomorrow.

A Web Service is a software system identified by a URI (uniform resource identifier), whose interfaces and bindings are capable of being defined, described and discovered as XML articrafts. These systems may then interact with the Web Service in a manner prescribed by its definition, using XML based messages conveyed by Internet protocols. In other words, it's an URL-addressable resource that programmatically returns information to clients who want to use it.

MachroTech's XML Web Services Expertise

XML Web Services
XML promotes interoperability across platforms, applications, and programming languages. MachroTech specializes in developing Web Services using the .NET platform and exposes several applications on its servers. Some of these services are listed below:

MachMail is a web-based mass emailing system. Built on .NET and Web Services, MachMail can be used as a web application having a user-friendly user interface or as an integrated service for applications. MachMail supports an amazing array of features that make it one of the most flexible systems of its kind available today.

Contact us to learn more about our XML Web Services or to explore the possibilities of leveraging MachMail for your business.



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