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"Together with MachroTech we developed our flagship ASP product, - a total property management solution for real estate managers, owners and investors, with integrated accounting and robust reporting.
MachroTech and .NET - a truly winning combination."

- Todd Collins, LLC


The Microsoft .NET framework is a major step forward in application development, providing unprecedented flexibility and time-to-market a business preposition.

With Microsoft .NET framework, you can integrate with diverse systems in no time and with fewer efforts. For a business firm this transforms into advantage when they have to integrate or migrate to a different system. For developers, the .NET framework can become a single source for all their programming needs. And for the end user, the framework carries the advantage of User-friendliness.

MachroTech's Offshore .NET Programming Expertise

.NET Programming Services
MachroTech provides consulting services for designing and developing .NET applications. Our application and .NET consulting services seamlessly connect your business with customers, vendors and other important associates.

Our Process
Our process strictly follows your business goals, constraints or variables that affects your business and deploys a solution within the decided deadlines. After carefully conducting the .NET Feasibility Analysis for your business, we work with you to create a plan that will put your company in a leadership position.

MachroTech remains with you in every step of your transformation from a simple company into a true enterprise of the 21st century.

To exemplify our expertise in .NET Framework, we encourage you to read this case study of a client who streamlined its business process with the help of the .NET application provided by MachroTech.

Mobile Internet ToolKit(MIT)
Apart from our broad expertise in .NET application development, we also specialize in development of wireless applications using Mobile Internet Toolkit (MIT). MIT is part of the .NET Runtime. MIT is a platform, tightly integrated with ASP.NET and Visual Studio.NET for developing server side controls; which render the page depending on the device requesting the page. MIT is built and used in such a way that the code and controls written using it will be rendered well within internet browsers, Mobile and other PDA devices. The code will recognize the device then render the control to generate output (HTML, CHTML, WML, etc.) depending on the device that requested the page.

Our past experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Custom control development (Mobile Tab control, Mobile tree control as extended control suite of MMIT).
  • Design and development of real-world applications for product demonstrations using C#, ASP.NET , ADO.NET , XML Web Services and SQL Server 2000 in Visual Studio.NET environment. For example:
    • Mobile driving direction
    • Investor portfolio management
    • Expense management using mobile devices
    • Mobile pizza ordering
    • Trading server on mobile (Car trading)
    • Mobile software “bug reporting” system, etc.
  • Design and development of over 350 different code samples for MSDN On-line Help related to mobile device connectivity to a network using the .NET framework and web services.
  • Writing code samples for classes, properties and functions for mobile server controls supporting 200 different devices (Palm, Pocket PC, Blackberry, Mobile Phones, IE, AOL, Netscape, I-Mode, etc.) running on 28 different server controls and 8 different Microsoft Operating Systems.
  • Application compatibility on different devices such as MME, UP browsers, I-Mode, Pocket PC, Palm devices, mobile phones, etc.






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