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MachroTech is committed to delivering quality software products and services that fulfill all the needs and expectations of our customers.

MachroTech is an offshore programming company that:

  • Strives for excellence in all areas of its business
  • Guarantees the quality of its software products at all stages of development
  • Builds in the highest quality in all its applications

Quality is no longer an oral guarantee given over a handshake, but a well-defined set of criteria applied to the entire development process. At MachroTech, we guarantee the utmost level of quality in our operations by rigorously applying the following methodologies:

  • Implementing the ETVX model developed by IBM Corporation
  • Holding periodic Quality Training programs to enhance the performance of all employees
  • Organizing International training exchange between our development centers in U.S. and India
  • Inspecting the quality of the applications at all levels of development
  • Implementing Extensive Testing methodologies by our in-house Testing team
  • Developing effective internal testing mechanisms

Our experienced project managers utilize high-quality techniques and procedures to assure quality at all stages of software development such as:

· Planning
· Tracking
· Control
· Transition Management
· Issues Management
· Implementation
· Documentation
· Communication
· Review

Click here to learn more about our Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing Approach and Methodology




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