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Internet Connectivity

  • Dedicated Internet Access and Dial-Up connectivity, providing for multiple redundancies
  • Firewall Protection for the entire network ensuring complete data, information, and site security
  • Latest Virus protection and intrusion detection software, safeguarding data and Workstations
  • Powerful LAN Backup and Business Continuity Procedures ensure quick and effective data recovery
  • UPS systems which ensure that no data loss occurs due to power failures
  • 24 hour security in the building
  • The MachroTech Team - A skilled, tech-savvy development team that can make Your eSuccess a Reality

IT Professionals

MachroTech has a dynamic team of IT professionals spanning diverse academic backgrounds, experience and skill levels. The tremendous capability of our team is evident in the projects executed for our clients throughout the world.

Project Management Capabilities

  • Resource acquisition and allocation based on functional expertise and client requirements
  • Critical Path Analysis of the overall project
  • Performance monitoring and effectiveness analysis
  • Weekly/monthly review of project status by executive management
  • Risk management over the life of the project
  • Information extraction and integration
  • Product quality stabilization
  • Rapid application delivery

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