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Costumezone needed a powerful solution to capitalize on end-to-end application integration in the web-landscape. The concept of the site was two-fold: allowing the end user to unknowingly enter into an automated system and select the particular costumes they required with minimal distraction, and secondly, having the website run completely automated and efficiently from the powerful back-end application. The main objective was to bring the entire business process online and eliminate the need to manage any part of the business through traditional means.

Costumezone is a superb example of MachroTech’s expertise in end-to-end Enterprise Application Integration and Supply Chain Automation. Costumezone’s B to C web site is powered by GoECart Ecommerce Solutions. Due to the heavy traffic and volume of orders before Halloween, Costumezone needed real time integration capabilities with its preferred supplier. The integration module allows Costumezone to publish up-to-date stock and merchandise availability information on its web site, collected from the supplier's multiple warehouses. Orders received through Costumezone’s web site are automatically placed with the supplier through a series of HTTP GET and POST requests without any direct access to the latter's systems databases or compromising any security by means of direct access. Order tracking information for orders fulfilled by the supplier is immediately posted on Costumezone’s web site automatically for customers to view. Furthermore, invoices received from the supplier are parsed and the data is inserted into Costumezone’s database for the administrator to better manage both the buy- and sell-side operations from the same system. Robust safety-net features in the integration module immediately warn the admin of any failures, allowing him to overrule the system and take timely actions. Having a strong supplier integration module in place, Costumezone decided to take advantage of its technical infrastructure and increase product visibility by publishing its products on an online store web site, CatalogCity.com. MachroTech created an integration module that automatically uploads desired products to CatalogCity’s server in their required format via FTP at frequent intervals. Orders received from CatalogCity are unzipped using a dynamically generated password key and meticulously parsed and inserted into Costumezone’s GoECart Ecommerce Software database after charging the credit card in real time. As soon as the orders from CatalogCity are placed in GoECart, they are in turn automatically picked up by the supplier's integration module for fulfillment, thus completing the cycle.

Costumezone is now able to run its business operations in a more efficient manner than it ever has in the past. The web site successfully handled more than 250 orders per day during peak season with minimal human interference.




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