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The difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing it exactly right. - Edward Simmons.

Assessment of risks reduces your vulnerability by empowering you and your organization with knowledge and insights. Manage long-term risks by paying special attention to offshore outsourcers' disaster recovery and backup plans.

Offshore IT Outsourcing:
Risk is inherent in strategic business initiatives more so when it involves two organizations that are involved within different geographical & political boundaries and having a diversified work force.

Offshore IT outsourcing involves special emphasis on Information security and risks associated with loss of control over strategic business process. Frequent audits and periodic benchmark analysis can help you in maintaining a continuous supervision over your vendor.

It is advisable to influence the communication methodology for offshore software development to have better vendor management. Establish a feedback mechanism to control project overshoots and use them as a medium to keep in constant touch with your offshore partner.

Creating a risk management plan after proper risk analysis of the inherent & perceived risk of a vendor will help you in securing your long term outsourcing viability.

Global Delivery Model:
A common alternative to all probable risks is to have an offshore outsourcing partner who follows a Global Delivery Model. This model addresses majority of your risks by having resources onshore to bridge the differences and facilitate the communication process between the onshore and offshore teams.

The Global Delivery Model assures that you are in total control of your project in spite of the time zone and location difference between you and your offshore partner.

The Global Delivery Model can significantly cut total time & cost to reach the market. With offshore facilities providing desired results with standard quality assurance and onshore resources to facilitate you with interoperability requirements, you can achieve your strategic goals with minimum of risk.

MachroTech's Global Delivery Model



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