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When spiders unite, they can tie down a lion- Ethiopian proverb.

Offshore Vendorís team holds the key to successful offshore outsourcing in the long run; after all they form your extended enterprise. The need to have synergy between the two teams can never be overemphasized.

Make a checklist of the skills required to do the job you plan to offshore, and appraise the vendorís personnel. Be sure to verify both technical and management skills. Trying to undermine the management skill, to save cost, often backfires.

Offshore vendor may need to implement new measures for their personnel to adapt to the new working conditions and environment, helping them adjust to the new demand cycles. Scrutinize the facilities set up by vendor for training the offshore teams.

Evaluate offshore vendorís hiring, retention and training strategy to ensure that the offshore vendor has sufficient staff to meet your demands. A higher attrition rate leads to unnecessary delay in project completion as well as spending of time in training of new recruits.

Transfer of personnel between the two teams for better inter-team co-ordination should be well planned in advance, if required. All issues relating to transition and authorized employee claims must be taken care off to avoid employee discontent in the later stages.

Check vendorís employee exit policy and Intellectual property security policy. There have been cases where the ex- employees have misused the confidential information leading to heavy losses for both parties. Above all, the outsourcer needs to check whether the laws in the offshore vendor's country addresses these cases.

Communication and interpersonal relationship between the two teams assumes prime importance once the deal is signed. Hence, the cultural and communication differences between offshore and outsourcerís team must be sorted out beforehand. This becomes more crucial if the offshore team is not proficient in English. One of the feasible options to avoid this issue is to choose India, an open society & a prominent offshore destination, where English is an official language.

With the Global Delivery Model, adopted by MachroTech, you are sure of working with a winning team.

  • The first major benefit of the Global Delivery Model is that your outsourcing partner's representatives are locally available, which provides an immediate understanding of the personnel policies of the company.
  • Secondly, the need for an on-site project coordinator is eliminated! The critical issues of the project can be communicated directly to the appropriate person at the onshore office of the service provider company. This makes it easy for you to outline your specifications and requirements clearly and understandably.
  • The onshore office of your Outsourcing Partner allows you to concentrate on your core issues with the onshore office handling the flow of continuous communication pertaining to offshore software development.
  • If your outsourcing partner has an offshore development center in India, then you can combine all of these benefits to maximize your success and minimize your costs.




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