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Successful offshore outsourcing requires seamless integration between two or more unique socio-political environments. While selecting an offshore outsourcing country, one must undertake a rigorous assessment of objective criteria in specific context of the company's business requirement.

  1. Political & Economic environment:
    Political and economic policies are big contributors in building a robust offshoring destination. You can conclude a lot by understanding the international trade environment created by export and import incentives, financial indicators, labor laws, EXIM policies, piracy protection laws and above all the skill of enforcement agencies to enforce the laws.

  2. Infrastructure & Security:
    Lack of a strong and stable infrastructure will add to your problems in outsourcing overseas. Check out the real estate availability & cost, bandwidth scalability, last mile reliability & coverage, power availability & reliability, public & private transportation, cost of living.

  3. Other Issues:
    In context of your business there are inherent merits/demerits of countries mainly because of the geography. Time Zone difference, distance between your country and the offshoring destination, possibility of natural calamity etc. are few of such country related constraints.

Sovereign ratings given by independent auditors are a good measure of all country related factors. They are broad indicators to the general direction in which a nation is moving in the short and the long run.

One proven way to manage these offshoring issues is to offshore to a vendor having considerable presence in your country. MachroTech’s Global Delivery model is one such model. This Model combines best of onshore and offshore capabilities, and offers the benefits of outsourcing overseas without the risks associated.




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