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Offshore Outsourcing is a strategic move and the goal is to build a long-term relationship in which you expect the unexpected and deal with real issues. Our intent in this resources section is to guide you through the process of offshore outsourcing, by sharing our research and experiences. Our Global Delivery Model is the outcome of this research and has been fine tuned by our learning through numerous customer engagements that we have successfully handled.

Vendor Evaluation Process:
Vendor Evaluation Process in offshore outsourcing requires special caution and incorporates additional steps than other vendor evaluation processes. Know more about these additional steps and how to proceed with them.

Offshore Outsourcing Issues:
Certain issues need to be taken care of even after choosing the right outsourcing partner for your business. The earlier they are taken care of, the better.

Offshore Outsourcing Issues can be broadly classified under the following main headings:

  • Offshore Outsourcing Issues- Country Related:
    Know more about your offshoring destination and take into consideration the macro environment surrounding your vendor. Understand the factors that are to be looked while outsourcing offshore.

  • Offshore Outsourcing Issues- Vendor Related:
    Certain issues related to vendor like ownership of information, security, business continuity agreement and reporting must be addressed from start, so as to avoid conflicts at a later stage. Learn more about various vendor related issues.

  • Offshore Outsourcing Issues- Personnel Related:
    Get an insight into personnel related issues like the offshore vendorís human resource policies, skill set et all before deciding the final contract. For an enhanced outsourcing relationship, all issues related to offshore team must be understood and carefully dealt with.

  • Offshore Outsourcing- Other Issues:
    A successful outsourcing relationship addresses other general issues like in-house flexibility, balancing expectations and risks, creating concrete internal processes as well taking care of important formalities like SLA, insurance & warranty etc. Know more about such issues.

Offshore Risk Management:
Risk assessment and mitigation is most important when you are outsourcing offshore. Know more about risk management involved in IT outsourcing. Learn more about the advantages of Global Delivery Model in reducing your risk exposure.



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