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"Together with MachroTech we developed our flagship ASP product, - a total property management solution for real estate managers, owners and investors, with integrated accounting and robust reporting.
MachroTech and .NET - a truly winning combination."

- Todd Collins, LLC


.NET is a framework from Microsoft that allows companies to arrange and display data from multiple sources based on the needs of the business organization.

Technically, .NET Framework is in three chunks. On the server side, it has operating systems such as Windows DataCenter. In the middle, itís XML, combined with the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to expose information in sources such as databases and spreadsheets so that developers can call them with XML. On the client side, itís operating systems that support XML parsing to display information based on the tags assigned to it.

We link you to some of the .NET resources that will help you understand .NET technology, its advantages and benefits.

.NET Framework Overview
Learn more about what .NET Framework is today, what it promises to be tomorrow, and how it can transform the way we all do business.

Advantages and Drawbacks of .NET
Find out the comparative review of .NET with J2EE, J2EE web services.

Success Stories
Read the success stories about global giants that have migrated to .NET Framework, and how this step has helped them to meet their goals.

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.NET Framework overview

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