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Offshore Software Outsourcing is no longer a novel concept. It has become increasingly popular with companies that wish to cut costs while gaining access to world-class software engineers. The significant savings attached to an offshore outsourcing project have lured most of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide. On average companies report 40% to 60% in net savings with the help of Offshore IT Outsourcing.

The Indian software industry currently leads the offshore software outsourcing market across the globe. India has created a powerful value proposition for software development through its 'High quality, Low Cost' strategy. And a good portion of the world's finest computing talent resides in India.

MachroTech is an Offshore Software Development company providing global custom technology solutions to its clients. Combining the best of its onshore and offshore software outsourcing resources through its Offshore Delivery Model, MachroTech offers a range of Offshore Software Services which are spread across several domains such as supply chain management, customer relationship management, retail management, and event management.

MachroTech's Offshore Software Outsourcing Center in India:

1. Leverages the best-of-breed industry practices in terms of quality standards and project management process, to ensure total simplicity and control of the offshore programming activities.

2.Focuses on continuous efforts toward increasing efficiency and improving the quality of our offshore software outsourcing services and delivery processes.

3. Incorporates an effective communication strategy and the ability to understand your specific business needs on the basis of our technical expertise and business aptitude.

By outsourcing your software requirements to MachroTech's Offshore Software Development Center, you avail the following major benefits:

  • Considerable Cost Advantage
  • Assured Quality Standards
  • Lesser Lead Times
  • Focus on your core competencies
  • Effective leverage of your IT resources

As a global service provider, MachroTech leverages its resources for a variety of project delivery options. Our Offshore Software Development strategy addresses all possible issues concerned with offshore software outsourcing impacting our clients, in order to offer them the best options in selecting the outsourcing method which best suits their requirements.



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